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Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer

Haws Rose No14Haws Rose No14 for applying nematodes£4.85Haws Rose No14Haws Rose No14 for applying nematodesHose-end FeederMiracle Gro Hose-end Feeder for applying nematodes£11.60Hose-end FeederMiracle Gro Hose-end Feeder for applying nematodes Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer

Leatherjackets are the larval stage of the crane fly or daddy long legs and they can quickly devastate a lawn. They lay their eggs back into the same piece of lawn each year, so an infestation can very quickly escalate from a small brown patch to a full scale infesation. Birds, particularly starlings, pecking at the lawn in search of the leatherjackets to eat is another sure sign of an infestation. Control leatherjackets naturally by treating with NemasysŪ Leatherjacket Killer. NemasysŪ Leatherjacket Killer contains Steinernema Feltiae nematodes, which are effective at killing leatherjackets, but are harmless to children, wildlife and pets and the lawn may be used immediately after application. To apply, simply mix the nematodes with water and apply as follows :-

1. Apply NemasysŪ Leatherjacket Killer in September/October - This is the ideal time to treat as the soil is warm PLUS the leatherjackets are newly hatched and are the most susceptible to the nematodes, so if you have had leatherjackets in the past or have discovered a mild leatherjacket infestation or your neighbours are infested and you want to keep them at bay, treat in September/October. Finished for this year - available again in April 2018.

2. Apply NemasysŪ Leatherjacket Killer when leatherjackets are discovered - NemasysŪ Leatherjacket Killer is normally applied in September as this is when the leatherjackets are newly hatched and most susceptible to the nematodes, but if you have discover leatherjackets (not daddy long legs) at any other time of year i.e. in the spring/summer then treat at double strength as the mature leatherjackets are much harder to kill, but you must treat in September as well. Finished for this year - available again in April 2018.

N.B. Nemasys Leatherjacket Killer is a perishable product and should be ordered when you are ready to apply or select an alternative date when ordering.

How to apply? - Nematodes are easy to use. Simply mix the harmless powder with water & apply to the soil around the plant using a watering can fitted with a rose (we recommend the Haws Rose no.14) or a hose-end feeder (the Miracle Gro Hose-end Feeder is recommended by the nematode manufacturer). B12 Base Business Park Rendlesham Suffolk IP12 2TW · 01493 750061 ·

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